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So happy I could die by Tsuki-Shema So happy I could die :icontsuki-shema:Tsuki-Shema 5 17 The Magician's Apprentice by AnzennaArtz The Magician's Apprentice :iconanzennaartz:AnzennaArtz 17 7 Ring Ring by AnzennaArtz Ring Ring :iconanzennaartz:AnzennaArtz 16 17
Born to Live, Live to Dream
Dreams scatter like stars overhead,
And worries pull at sore feet.
We're left stumbling on distress and despair,
Not accepting defeat.
Reaching for the stars above,
That sparkle and sway on thin strings,
A celestial harp creating beautiful noise,
As we take blows from what below brings.
Several stars our eyes catch,
Our minds baffled of being able to obtain,
But our arms stretching out,
To our future calling our names.
It's getting harder to walk,
It's getting harder to see,
The fog rising from the ground,
A line of blurry fuzzy beings.
A desperate movement of hand,
We're holding the stars in our palms,
But why is it that when hands close and then open,
The sky has turned to dawn?
We work hard with every step we take,
As the sky flips from reds to blues,
And then we've realized that it's all worth it,
And our minds are able to wander and muse.
We're given the opportunity to be,
Like the stars that twinkle and shimmer in the vast celestial sphere,
That surround and influence us,
That so
:iconboobookachoo:BooBooKachoo 5 7
Bubble Fun by AnzennaArtz Bubble Fun :iconanzennaartz:AnzennaArtz 10 10 Silhouette by Tsuki-Shema Silhouette :icontsuki-shema:Tsuki-Shema 6 14 My World by BooBooKachoo My World :iconboobookachoo:BooBooKachoo 18 37 American History but with Cats by llllucid American History but with Cats :iconllllucid:llllucid 6,216 1,064
whats wrong honey?
you got my heart set on worry,
the volume turned up to the max.
darling why wont you reassure me,
that theres nothing wrong with your facts?
i want to believe what you tell me,
i want to think that your okay.
but i cant shake this feeling,
why wont this wrong just go away?
whats wrong with your smile love?
why does it continue to falter?
please just tell me whats wrong,
i want to help you get rid of that bother.
and where have your words gone?
why have you become this mute?
can you just please find your voice,
because im not liking this new you.
whats wrong with you honey?
why such a troubled heart?
oh please just open up to me love,
please let me keep you from falling apart.
oh whats on your mind darling?
whats up with your darkened complexion?
you know you can tell me everything,
but first you have to let me in.
:icongoddessxofxlust:goddessXofXlust 9 9
Lets GO by AnzennaArtz Lets GO :iconanzennaartz:AnzennaArtz 3 8 apple by crackeromi apple :iconcrackeromi:crackeromi 329 76
Fall to the Floor
Discard me.
Leave me hopeless,
Cuz all I see,
We'll never be.
A fantasy book,
Sitting on a shelf,
That's been so abused,
And has made me confused.
Reading so much has made me sick.
Just burn the words on the pages!
I don't want to read them anymore!
The pain!
My heart is bleeding!
This book!
So misleading!
Destroy the evidence of my pain.
I want to watch the pages brown.
I want to watch the pages bend and burn,
Flames consuming,
Take away the feelings looming.
Turn to ashes,
And fly away.
I don't want to look at them anymore.
Let my heart fall,
:iconboobookachoo:BooBooKachoo 4 4
Am I Colourful? by AnzennaArtz Am I Colourful? :iconanzennaartz:AnzennaArtz 11 18 The Suspended Egg by wb-skinnerstock The Suspended Egg :iconwb-skinnerstock:wb-skinnerstock 1,081 330
I look in the mirror,
My mascara running down my face,
And look at my hands,
With eyes full of rage.
Who is this girl,
I see in the mirror?
Who's hands are shaking,
Who's face is stained with black tears?
I hate her so much,
I hate looking at her pretend smile.
It makes me sick.
Is she really worthwhile?
Was she always so depressing?
Was she always so fake?
Standing there as if she lost the world,
When she was the one who was lost in it?
This girl that I see,
She is the one who should be blamed.
She is the one,
Who's made me feel so ashamed.
That girl in the mirror,
That I look at with such regret,
That is staring right back at me,
I want to forget.
I don't want to think,
That we are the same.
I don't want to feel,
Feel so ashamed.
:iconboobookachoo:BooBooKachoo 7 28
Ladybird Ladybird by AnzennaArtz Ladybird Ladybird :iconanzennaartz:AnzennaArtz 20 16




Is a pear. |D
United States
Current Residence: EVERYWHERE.
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Metal and DDR-ish music.


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